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Catering Bye Design

Catering Bye Design is the exclusive catering for Bye the Willow. We are honored to have Chef Adam on our team to take care of all catering needs. He also manages our appetizer menu! Stop in and try out some of his delicious creations.
www.cateringbyedesign.com / 715.790.7530 / cateringbyedesign@gmail.com
Services Offered by Catering Bye Design

On and Off Site Catering 

We offer catering services for all events that take place at Bye the Willow and will also do offsite catering throughout the Chippewa Valley, if available.

Cooking Classes

Do you want to learn how to cook? We offering cooking classes that will help you learn the fundamentals of cooking and how to create delicious meals. Contact us to learn more about what these classes entail.


Personal Chef

Hosting a party, but don't want to worry about the cooking? We are here to help! We will work together to customize a menu for your event and we will come right to your home to serve your parties needs. Costs vary, contact us today to learn more about the options available to you! 

Restaurant Consulting

Does your restaurant need some assistance with a new menu and displaying food? We are happy to help you decide on new creations, setting costs and displaying the food to please your customers.

Holiday Prep

Have company coming to town for the holidays and you just don't have enough time to get everything ready? We are here to help! Impress your guests this holiday season with a beautiful and delicious feast. 

Party Planning

Party planning not your thing? That's okay, let us help! Contact us today to learn about what services we can offer you to make your party planning a breeze.


About Chef Adam

Chef Adam is a self-described "student of food" who draws from more than 27 years of diverse culinary experience in preparing delicious and healthful meals. 

Adam can tailor meals to a client's specific tastes and dietary needs. Among the food genres with which he is familiar are Midwestern, Southern, Scandinavian, French, Italian and Asian, though he always loves to expand his horizons and experiment. some of his recent efforts have involved a focus on local Wisconsin ingredients, smoking meat, gourmet plating, molecular gastronomy and campfire cooking. Adam can prepare meals for those with dairy-free, gluten-free, low-calorie, low-carb and low-fat preferences, as well as those following paleo diets and the Daniel Plan. He has held the Food Safety Certification since 1995.

" I am excited to make food for you. I pride myself on making a memorable food display every time. I like to use local indigenous ingredients whenever possible," Adam stated.